Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy and #Damien Chazelle…

 Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy and #Damien Chazelle attended CinemaCon today (April25, 2018) and the first trailer for First Man has been showed. 

First Man underscores the sacrifices and the cost — on Armstrong and on the nation — of one of the most dangerous missions in history.

On stage, Gosling called the Apollo 11 mission the “most astonishing journey in history.“ Foy added that this story is also about the "unsung heroes who gave their support to this almost impossible voyage.”

Foy said it’s hard to believe there hasn’t been a movie before about the moon landing, to which Chazelle quipped, “which I was glad about because I got to be the one to make it.”

The clip shown at CinemaCon shows Gosling’s character with his family, training at NASA, and a difficult conversation with his children during which he acknowledges that the mission carries risks, and that he may not come back. There are also images of Apollo 11 blasting off. The first look ends as Armstrong climbs down the steps of the space capsule as he prepares to take his first step onto the moon.

Ryan and Claire said it was a “true honor” to portray Neil Armstrong and Janet Armstrong, respectively.