grumpy-candy:8 years old Ryan Gosling with his uncle, the Elvis…


8 years old Ryan Gosling with his uncle, the Elvis Presley impersonator

“My uncle was an Elvis impersonator and he came to live with us when I was six. He had this jumpsuit and he was bedazzling it and putting jewels on it and there was a big eagle on the back. Then he was in the mirror, creating this character and singing in the mirror.
Then all this energy came in the house because he was putting on this show. And suddenly I’m in the act – I’m head of security and I have this jacket, and I’m walking out and I can hear all these screaming people and suddenly my uncle, who has a moustache, a birthmark and no hair and looks nothing like Elvis, he became Elvis.
He gets on stage and he’s amazing. I’ve seen a lot Elvis impersonators since and I swear he’s the best.” – Ryan Gosling